Website Design In Miami

A website helps you establish credibility as a business. Without a website you are losing potential clients. In order to run most digital marketing campaigns, you need a website for the users to land on.

Our website developers create mobile friendly, responsive & conversion driven WordPress websites for our customers. If your website is bad, your marketing campaign will not be successful. Your marketing campaign only brings the users, it is your website's job to convert the user into a lead.

Things You Will Need To Purchase


The domain is the URL you using. If you do not know where to buy your domain or do not know how to check for availability, call us and we can help you.


The hosting is where all your website files are located. This is what is actually pushing your website live for others to see.


  1. Website Questionnaire Submission: This form asks everything we need to know in order to give you a quote.
  2. Signed Contract: We will review everything the website will contain and provide a quote. The price will vary depending on the special functionalities requested.
  3. Build Out: Once we have everything we need to start, our developer/graphic designer will begin the development of the website. We will let you know depending on the features of the website, how long until you will receive the rough draft.
  4. Changes & Approval: We will send you the rough draft of the website. This is not the final product. You may look over it and make changes/suggestions until it is to your liking.
  5. Launch: Once everything has been approved and you are ready, we will launch the website.


Once your website is live, all additional changes will be an additional charge. You will not receive any special reporting unless you are running a marketing campaign with us.

However, we will install Google Analytics & Search Console on your website FREE of charge so that you can go into the platform yourself and monitor your website's data.