Social Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social platform in the world. It has over 2.7 billion monthly active users. Finding your customer avatar (ideal customer) and focusing on who they are, what they like, is the best way to understand what type of audience to target on your Facebook Ads. In order to know your customer avatar, you need to understand where your customer comes from, what they engage with the most and what triggered their purchase. This will increase your ROI (return on investment).

Instagram Ads

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Instagram has over 1 billion users. Instagram ads are managed in the Facebook ads manager. Instagram is a highly engaging social media platform that helps to get your brand lots of attention and engage with new users.

Launch Process

  1. Signed Contract:
  2. Questionnaire: Account Manager will send you the Social Media Ads questionnaire to be completed.
  3. Strategy: Our team will create the strategy based off the market research and competitor analysis. This strategy will include a customer avatar sheet, 2 graphics ads to be approved & the headline/ad text.
  4. Approval: Our team will show you the graphics, ad text & customer avatar sheet to be approved.
  5. Buildout: Our team will build out the Facebook/Instagram campaign.
  6. Launch:

Ongoing Management:

  • Analytics: We will be checking how users are responding to your ads and the engagement it is receiving
  • Conversions: Reviewing conversions and creating an audience based on the type of user that is converting to split test in another campaign.
  • A/B Testing: Our team will constantly be creating and split testing graphics, headlines & customer targeting strategy to see which one works best and how users are responding.


  • Conversion Data: Phone Calls, Form Fills, Downloads, Purchases
  • Analytics Data: User behavior data