Retargeting Services In Miami, FL

Retargeting also known as dynamic targeting allows you to follow users that have landed on your website onto other websites and platforms (like Facebook & Youtube) using graphic ads.

Why Retargeting is effective

  • Generate more leads
  • Raises brand awareness
  • Second Chance To Convert A Visitor
  • Build An Asset By Capturing Your Audience Data
  • Increase marketing efforts from other platforms and campaigns
  • Automate upsells, back end sales

Have you ever searched/ window shopped companies just for a potential future service/product you might need, but are just not quite ready to buy? Retargeting is an effective way to bring users back on to your website & converting them.


  1. Signed Contract: Our team will do some market research to determine the suggested budget. This all depends on the amount of traffic the website gets. We will obtain the traffic data from Google Analytics. We will also run an analysis on your website to see if a landing page is needed. (Maybe an incentive to convince the users to call)
  2. Questionnaire: Account Manager will send you the Retargeting questionnaire to be completed. This questionnaire is essential because it will help us personalize your brand on to the graphic ads we create. It will also ask for the incentive you would like on the ad.  This usually takes 24-48 hours.
  3. Graphics Approval: The Account Manager will review the graphic ads with you for approval.
  4. Build Out: Once the graphics are approved our team will begin to build out the retargeting campaign. They will also be placing a code on your website so that the platform can track the website's the users are going to. This will take 24-48 business hours.
  5. Launch: Everything has been built and your campaign is ready to run!


Our team will be adding a UTM code to the campaign. A UTM code is a piece of code added at the end of the campaign's landing pages. This code is make for strategy tracking. It differentiate retargeting ads on Google Analytics. And we will also be able to track retargeting conversions separately.

  • Conversion Data: Phone Calls, Form Fills, Downloads, Purchases
  • User Data: Users, Sessions, Time On Each Page, Device data
  • Campaign Data: Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg Position