SEM Google Ads Marketing In Miami

80% of users click on the top 5 positions. 3 of those positions are Google's paid ads. Imagine a user searching for your service and your brand appears three times (On an ad, on Google Maps & in the organic section). Your probabilities of landing that lead are much higher than your competitors.

Why You Should Be Advertising On Google

Google ads work on a per click basis. This means that you are only paying when someone clicks on your ad. This method works because you are able to control when and where your ads appear. As well as what keywords you want to target and the amount you are willing to pay for each keyword.

Our Google Ads certified team will research your strategy using Google Keyword Planner. This is the most accurate tool to know just how much search volume your keywords get as well as new keyword ideas. We will also do a competitor research analysis. Each strategy will be customized to fit your business goals.


  1. Signed Contract: Our team will do some market research to determine the suggested budget. We will also run an analysis on your website to see if a landing page is needed.
  2. Questionnaire: Account Manager will send you the Google Ads questionnaire to be completed. This questionnaire is essential because it will help us personalize the campaign to your brand.
  3. Strategy Approval: Our team will create the strategy based off the market research and the questionnaire. This strategy usually takes around 48 business hours. Once this is done, we will set up a meeting to go over the strategy to make sure you understand and feel comfortable.
  4. Build Out: Once the strategy is approved our team will begin to build out the strategy on the Google Ads platform. This will take 24 business hours.
  5. Launch: Everything has been built and your campaign is ready to run!


After your campaign is launched, our team will be doing weekly and monthly audits. These audits contain data analysis and conversion analysis. We will be making updates and A/B testing ads. A/B testing an experiment where two or more ads are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis (CTR) is used to determine which variation performs better.

Weekly Management

  • Conversion Analysis
  • Keyword Bidding
  • Search Term Review
  • Grow Negative Keyword List

Monthly Management

  • Compare Device Data (Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile)
  • Bid Adjustments (Device, Demographics, Schedule & Locations)
  • Competitor Research: (Ad Copy & Keyword Research)
  • A/B testing Ads


You will receive a live report that you can access anytime highlighting the conversions and campaign data.

  • Conversion Data: Phone Calls, Form Fills, Downloads, Purchases
  • Campaign Data: Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg Position