Online Reputation Management

Your brand reputation is the most important thing to take care of. You do not want to be known for anything negative. When users are searching for a service and are choosing between you and a competitor. 90% of them will go to the company with the better star rating. Think of reviews as a vote/referral. The more POSITIVE reviews you have, the more credible your business is online. The more negative reviews you have, the less likely users are to call you.

Generating Reviews

We will help generate reviews by asking your customers to write a review for your business after using your service. Generating reviews can be as easy as asking the client to review you once the job has been done. It is important to generate reviews because not only will it make you more credible, but it will tell search engines/platforms like Google Maps & Yelp to rank you higher on their platform.

Review Response:

Not only are reviews important but so is how the company responds back. You should respond to both negative & positive reviews. Client's who reviewed your company are more likely to come back if you respond. You can turn a negative review into a positive just by responding with compassion, asking the client to come back with an incentive and giving them a positive experience. This is a great strategy to use so that the client can rewrite their bad review into a good one.


  1. Signed Contract:
  2. Questionnaire: Account Manager will send you the Reputation Management questionnaire to be completed. This questionnaire will ask you for logins & review responses.
  3. Build Out: Once the questionnaire is submitted our team will add you to the review response platform.
  4. Response: We will begin to respond to reviews.


You will receive a monthly report highlighting the conversions (phone calls) and reviews you received within that month.